How I Work: The Leftovers

We are nearing the end of my posts about how I use what I use. In this post I’ll be covering the remaining apps very quickly. These are all apps that I love, but don’t merit an entire blog post.


If you’re not using Chrome or Firefox you’re doing yourself an injustice. I personally prefer Chrome because of it’s powerful integration with my Google account. My favorite feature is being able to view tabs open in my Chrome browser on other devices. A lot of times I’ll leave something like a UPS shipment tracking page open on my computer at work and I can easily access that page from anywhere I am signed into Chrome.


If I worked on projects with a team on a regular basis I would use Trello. My initial idea was to use it to track needs for events at church didn’t pan out. It just made more sense to use Evernote for that. Trello is a lot like what Google Wave was. A very visual experience and built well for collaborating with others.

Ideas (iPhone only)

Ideas is really useful for content creators. You type whatever idea you have and it will organize it based on keywords in the idea itself. It’s actually not as complex or sophisticated as it sounds, but it’s very useful. I use it to keep track of blog post ideas. I can easily view all blog posts that have the keyword “productivity” in them, and then look through them to figure out what I want to write about.

30/30 (iOS only)

I wish I worked in an environment that allowed me to follow a specific routine so I could use 30/30 more often. Unfortunately I always have things come up last minute. 30/30 can be used to schedule your day, your work out routine or to keep track of how long you spend on different tasks.


Some people don’t like Pandora because you can’t choose exactly what you listen to. If you are one of those people, Songza is NOT for you. With Songza you choose what to listen to based on what you are currently doing. Working, studying, partying or sleeping, they have a personally crafted playlist for you! I’m currently listening to this playlist at a low volume while Soundroom is creating an atmosphere for my writing.


Penultimate is a companion for Evernote. If you like using a stylus to handwrite notes on your tablet, Penultimate is a great app to have handy.

Ok, we are almost to the end of this series, I have one more post to make. This post will be an extension correction of a previous post.

How I Work: The Leftovers