Why Do We (churches) Create?


The simple answer to this question is, “Because God created.”

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly what I meant by this question.

Why do we do anything in the church? What is the main purpose for everything that we do?

It all goes back to the vision of the church, and for the vast majority of churches that is derived from two simple things.

  1. Reach the lost.
  2. Disciple the saved.

When new ideas, techniques or resources are added to a church many question the reasoning. Usually this is because those who don’t understand aren’t in the demographic this new thing is intended for. For them, the church was fine without it and doesn’t need it.

But let’s be honest, we don’t need anything for the church body to worship, reach the lost or make disciples. No chairs, no lights, no air conditioning, not even a building. The Holy Spirit can work without these “fancy” things. The Bible even says the rocks will cry out, so why do we bother doing anything?

SIDE NOTE: If I ever have someone say to me, “They didn’t have that in the Bible so we don’t need it in the church now!” I have a great come back.

“By your rules we have to get rid of the toilets too.”

Here’s the point.

We create because there are people who will appreciate the creativity. We create because lack of creativity could be a stumbling block to someone. Just like bad worship or no air conditioning could keep someone from encountering God.

Why Do We (churches) Create?

Being Productive Isn’t Enough

I geek out on a lot of things. The Office, App updates, Coldplay and Minecraft, just to name a few. But the topic that pulls on my heart and fills me with joy the most is productivity.

I would bet my most common Google search is “TOP TEN PRODUCTIVITY APPS FOR iOS“. I love studying and implementing new ways of being productive. Whether it’s apps like Mailbox and Any.DO, or techniques like Pomodoro, I have to take it all in.

Lately though, I’ve realized that even after the most productive day I feel like I forgot to do something. In fact, it’s on these days that I feel this way the most. These days usually consist of printing, cutting, folding, setting up and tearing down. So what am I missing?


I realized today that my day doesn’t feel complete if I haven’t honestly* spent time designing something new.

*By “honestly” I mean something that I take the time to passionately research and skillfully design. Like the bellow logo, which is my latest favorite.

Sadly I have a lot of things I could be spending this “honestly” time with, but I don’t have enough hours in the day, and that depresses me even more. The only thing worse than not doing anything creative in a day is doing something halfheartedly because you don’t have enough time to fully invest in it. I feel like a large part of my job is deciding what ministries or events get shafted.

So I’ll continue my productivity search until I find those extra hours in the day.

Being Productive Isn’t Enough