How I Work: Reading

I have an extreme dislike for reading. I can count on one hand the books I have actually read.

  1. Matilda
  2. Night
  3. The Scarlet Letter
  4. Hunger Games
  5. Some book about orcs.

Seriously, I hate reading. I have such an addiction to multitasking and I can’t do multiple things while reading a book, therefore I don’t read.

Then I started using Google Reader about 6 years ago and I discovered that I liked reading if it taught me something new. I became obsessed with subscribing to blogs and keeping up with the news, technology trends and ways to improve my life.

Then I bought an iPad and that passion was rekindled. Sadly, shortly after getting my first iPad Google Reader was shut down.

Enter Feedly.


Feedly quickly became the go-to replacement for Google Reader for pretty much everyone. As soon as the creators of Feedly announced that you could import all of your Google Reader feeds onto their servers before Google Reader bit the dust, everyone flocked to their app.

Come to find out, Feedly (in my opinion) is far better than Google Reader ever was. The design and interface is much nicer, and the sharing options are more robust. The main selling point to me however was that they made a reading service that doesn’t make me feel like I have to read every single article in my feed.

Seriously, the design is beautifully minimal.

Thanks to their default “Today” view, you can just read the most important posts of the day. It’s not a big deal if you don’t have time to read every unread article, just read the most important posts.

I almost forgot to mention another key feature; Feedly is available on every platform you can think of. You have no excuse to not keep up with your favorite blogs anymore, thanks to Feedly.

Feedly is also able to share articles with a plethora of other services, and is compatible with IFTTT.

In my next post I’ll tell you about Feedly’s cousin, the second part to my reading app arsenal.

How I Work: Reading

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