Favorite Tweets of the Week


tonymorganliveSep 23, 5:57pm

“7 Reasons Churches that Want to Reach Unchurched People…Don’t” careynieuwhof.com” tmlive.us/1fcxkhc


cmsucks Sep 24, 8:05am

“What millennials really want from the church is not a change in style but a change in substance” @rachelheldevanscmsucks.us/qb KH


MrChurchGuy Sep 24, 10:30am

Judging by the games and events that my Facebook friends think I will like, they don’t really know me very well.


JustinWise Sep 24, 3:14pm

What a blast! Thanks to all who came to #7mistakes! If you missed it and want to catch the replay, go here:ow.ly/paQYe


floodstudents Sep 25, 8:25pm via HootSuite

“and God’s like… Yo!” ~Kit

Favorite Tweets of the Week

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