How I Work: Why Evernote?


The central core of my productivity is based around Evernote. This is the same song that thousands of bloggers have been singing for years, but for many of those years I was singing a different tune. I was singing a tune with a bit more bounce* to it.

*My apologies for the lame pun. The punchline is just around the corner.

Over the years I have learned that it is better to choose an app that has good interconnectivity with other apps than it is to choose a “better” app that lacks these sharing features. This means that many apps are chosen simply because other apps can communicate with it. This is the main reason why I switched from SpringPad to Evernote about a year ago.


Back story.

I have used SpringPad almost since it’s release in 2008. I read an article about how it was more than just a place for notes (comparing it to Evernote which was released just 6 months earlier), it was a digital personal assistant. At the time, Evernote seemed too limited, especially in comparison to SpringPad. The main selling point for me was that there were no limitations on the amount of data you could transfer and store on their servers.

Fast forward to today.

SpringPad has changed. It has added a lot of really neat features, but unfortunately I have no need for any of them. They have added a lot of cool notification services. For instance, you can create a wish list on SpringPad of things you want to buy and SpringPad will let you know when a product drops in price. That’s cool and all, but I don’t have a need for that. They’ve also added a LOT of social features. You can subscribe to other people’s notebooks and follow their activity, but that is only useful if you know a lot of people who use SpringPad. But again, that’s not what I need.

What I need is a service that will allow me to send it anything I need to remember later. News articles, blog posts or pictures of anything from business cards to Post-It Notes* that have been sitting on my desk all day.

*Evernote actually just added some cool new Post-It Note features today.

Could SpringPad do all of this? Absolutely. The problem is, SpringPad does SO MUCH MORE! That is usually a good thing, but instead it just becomes a distraction and gets in the way of my work.

The last straw.

Then comes the issue of interconnectivity. Almost every other app in my list of apps has the ability to send things to Evernote. I don’t think any of them can do the same with SpringPad. This makes the choice very simple.

Evernote is the perfect service for collecting and organizing all of your information in one place.

Wow, that took up a lot more text than I expected to, and I didn’t even mention the fact that Evernote has apps available for pretty much every OS, including desktop. In the next post I’ll actually start talking about HOW I use Evernote, not just WHY.

How I Work: Why Evernote?

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