Being Productive Isn’t Enough

I geek out on a lot of things. The Office, App updates, Coldplay and Minecraft, just to name a few. But the topic that pulls on my heart and fills me with joy the most is productivity.

I would bet my most common Google search is “TOP TEN PRODUCTIVITY APPS FOR iOS“. I love studying and implementing new ways of being productive. Whether it’s apps like Mailbox and Any.DO, or techniques like Pomodoro, I have to take it all in.

Lately though, I’ve realized that even after the most productive day I feel like I forgot to do something. In fact, it’s on these days that I feel this way the most. These days usually consist of printing, cutting, folding, setting up and tearing down. So what am I missing?


I realized today that my day doesn’t feel complete if I haven’t honestly* spent time designing something new.

*By “honestly” I mean something that I take the time to passionately research and skillfully design. Like the bellow logo, which is my latest favorite.

Sadly I have a lot of things I could be spending this “honestly” time with, but I don’t have enough hours in the day, and that depresses me even more. The only thing worse than not doing anything creative in a day is doing something halfheartedly because you don’t have enough time to fully invest in it. I feel like a large part of my job is deciding what ministries or events get shafted.

So I’ll continue my productivity search until I find those extra hours in the day.

Being Productive Isn’t Enough

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