Let’s Be Honest


Probably the most important thing you can do to better yourself is to critique yourself. Recognizing your faults and then analyzing them is just as important, if not more important than working on what you are good at. This can be done on a personal or group/corporate level.

I recently witnessed some corporate self evaluation that yielded some responses that made me think a little differently about how we should critique ourselves.

Many of the responses were vague buzzwords that left me wondering what they meant exactly. In this situation, one word happened to be the word “fear”. My immediate reaction was to ask, “who is afraid of what?”. Fear is a great answer, but it’s incomplete. The person making the statement may know what they mean, but I could think of about four or five different ways fear could be involved.

From this I learned that it’s important that we are very detailed in our evaluations, especially when working with a group of people. The more vague we make our problems seem, the more vague and unsuccessful our attempts to improve will be.

Let’s Be Honest

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