Favorite Tweets of the Week #1

ImageI’ve decided to make Fridays all about sharing my favorite tweets from the past week, because sometimes, a retweet just isn’t enough.


tonymorganliveSep 05, 3:03am

The Hook: How to Make Any Idea Extraordinary tmlive.us/ID2sTd


JonAcuffSep 05, 11:17am

Got too many dreams & don’t know which to chase? Just pick one & go. When you don’t start any, you fail at every.

lifehackerSep 05, 12:30pm

Can’t remember what sites you’ve registered at? Use this service to track down old accounts:lifehac.kr/NUC8jlZ

cmsucksSep 05, 4:40pm

Missed our Google Hangout today? We talk church comm & the upcoming Certification Lab. Watch it now: cmsucks.us/pz#CertLab KH

This was a really great Hangout, I was only able to catch the last half so I can’t wait to go watch the rest.

MrChurchGuySep 05, 11:36pm

I am so thankful that the Gospels never record Jesus having a staff planning meeting with the disciples.



Embracing Change: The Unbiblical Pursuit of “The Good Old Days” tmlive.us/K9wQcN

Favorite Tweets of the Week #1

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