Worship Dream Team (Part 3)

I’ve subtitled this post…

“The things that everyone is thinking but is too chicken to say it because Christians aren’t supposed to judge. (But there is hope)”

Okay, I want to end on a high note, so let’s get my complaints over with… I’m going to do this in a Stuff Christians Like Style list.

Things That I Hate About The Current State of Christian Rock  (sub-subtitle)

1. Would you please pick a sub-genre already!  Stop playing just “Rock”… the world has been there and done that.  Primary Culprit: Kutless  Primary Innovator: Abandon (Vegas Rock IE: The Killers)

2. If you can’t sing in a way that your lyrics are understood… don’t.  Primary Culprit: Skillet.

3. I don’t care if your song is about God, a boy or a snuggie… just pick one.  Don’t be so ambiguous.  Primary Culprit: Jamie Grace  Primary Innovator: Brooke Fraser (Something in the Water is certainly NOT about God)

4. Toby Mac. Primary Culprit: Toby Mac

5. Newsboys still referring to themselves as “Newsboys”.  Come on, you sound just like Tait.

6. Peter Furler referring to himself as “Peter Furler”. Come on, you sound just like Newsboys.

7. If you can’t sing live, stick to your albums. (or just rap, if that’s what you’re good at) Primary Culprit: Manafest  Primary Innovators: Jars of Clay and Switchfoot

8. Toby Mac. Primary Culprit: Toby Mac

9. Make sure your hit song sounds like most of your other music.  Primary Culprit: Barlow Girl (The CD with  Never Alone is surrounded by a bunch of teeny-bopper girl anthems… trust me, I bought the whole CD and wished I hadn’t.)  Secondary Culprit: Andy Cherry (This song sounds so unique, the others… not so much)

10. Jeremy Camp. Primary Culprit: Jeremy Camp

Honorable mention: Toby Mac.

Now, as promised I’m going to end on a positive note.  There are 2 bands (one I’m mentioning now because I forgot to mention them in Part 1) that I feel are moving us in an awesome direction, and if radio stations would play them (more) the world would be a happier place.

1. NeedToBreathe: They get plenty of radio play, the problem is that it’s always the same 2 songs.

2. Gungor: I haven’t heard a Christian group this unique since EarthSuit.  They are the future, at least I hope.  They are 0% cheese and 100% meat and potatoes.  Also, I want one of these air-blow-keyboard thingies! (apparently it’s a melodica)

Ok, my fingers hurt from typing now… time to… stop

Worship Dream Team (Part 3)

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