What do they see?

“Oooo, look at that font!”

“Did they mean to cut that off right there?”

“HOLY CRAP! That drummer is awesome!”

“Wow, they really need to fix the EQ on those drums…”

“Aww man!  Why can’t we sing this song?”

This is what goes through my mind every time I visit another church. Please understand, I’m not being judgmental… though I may be just “mental”.  You see, the Bible teaches that iron sharpens iron, so why shouldn’t we learn from our (for lack of a better word) competition.

So what do people say about my church when they visit?

Well… I don’t have to wonder about that any longer.

We recently had a comedian come to our church and one of the first things he said was, “Isn’t this the best smelling church you’ve ever been to?”

That’s not exactly the compliment I was looking for, but I’ll take it!

This post is dedicated to the ever important, wall-mounted air freshener.
What do they see?

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