The One Thing I Dont Like About My Job

You read that right. The one thing I do NOT like about my job.

Let me begin by saying that everything I do falls into one of five categories…

1. The “I can’t wait to do this, literally and figuratively.” These are things like posters for big events or setting up the lyrics for worship. They really need to be done and I really enjoy doing them.

2. The “I can’t wait to have time to do this!” These are things like organizing/cleaning my office (is that sad?) and learning new things in Photoshop/Vegas. Updating of graphics also falls under this category… it’s actually the biggest one in this category now that I think about it.

3. The “This un-fun task must be done. Now.” These are things like creating the calendar section on bulletins.  Seriously, that’s so obnoxious.

4. The “That’s not important and doesn’t sound very interesting.” These are things like printing post cards or updating the logo on a staff member’s personal stationary.  These items live on my bulletin board… for a long time.

5. The “Not only does that not sound fun, and it’s not important… but that’s a really dumb idea.” At the risk of offending anyone I’m not going to give an example of this. Let’s just say it involves printing and posting 20 items rather than printing and posting 5.

So what is it that I don’t like about my job? The fact that I leave every day knowing that there is something in at least one of these categories that didn’t get done that day and probably won’t get done the next.

It's like being able to reach 2 out of the 3 carrots dangling in front of me.
The One Thing I Dont Like About My Job

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