Whoops! It’s time for one of “those” posts…

You know the kind.  Usually the 2nd or 3rd posts of a blog where it’s been 30-120 days since the previous post.

Well this one’s different!  I didn’t post because I’ve been enjoying my job so much!!!  So hopefully I’ll get around to posting some original materials and ideas in the near future.  For now, I’ll tell you a little about what I’ve learned about working at a church.

I’m a very ambitious person, which is why I have 20 or so blogs that never get used.  This is exponentially so when it comes to trying to be innovative (IE: changing things) in church.  Well, it’s really shocked me how much other staff members are like that… regardless of their age.  I’ve had a number of conversations where I had to keep myself from saying, “I really didn’t think anyone your age thought that way?” or “I thought that was only cool with the 30 and under crowd?”

Oh, and I now have a new fascination of going to other churches and analyzing their graphic designs.  Whether it’s bathroom signs, or pamphlets in the foyer… I’m obsessed.  That had nothing to do with anything else in this post… just a random thought.

Whoops! It’s time for one of “those” posts…

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