Looking For (real) Inspiration Online

The internet is a dirty, dirty place… and I’m not even referring to pornography.  I feel like 9 out of every 10 links that I click on take me somewhere that I wasn’t intending on going, or they don’t show me what I wanted to see.

Knowing this, it came as no surprise to me that finding up-to-date blogs about church media are as easy to find as a unicorn named Napoleon.  There are so many “church media” sites that are all about selling you a cookie cutter website their product and not about sharing their talents with fellow believers!

I did however manage to find Sharefaith who seems to be very consistent with keeping their blog updated.  They also sell a wide array of products/services, but the blog is good enough on it’s own.  They will often provide free resources which all seem to be of very high quality and are worth looking at if only for inspiration.

Looking For (real) Inspiration Online

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