From Medicine To Ministry

*title courtesy of Sarah 

"From Medicine To Ministry"... get it?  get it?
Dr. Jesus is in the house.

About a month ago I met with my boss (who I love) in his office (which is squeaky clean) and told him I may be leaving (a company I love working for).  I assured him over and over again that I hadn’t been looking for a job (unless praying is considered looking) and that I loved my current job (which is true).  I told him that this opportunity fell into my lap much like my current job did.  I’m not even kidding, I have never filled out a resume in my life.  I have been a clown*, a drum instructor, a medical billing specialist, a tech support representative (at a pharmaceutical company) and now a church media director and every one of those jobs was offered to me because I knew the right person (and because I’m a generally nice guy who begins to sweat when he thinks about saying the word “no” to someone).

I say all of that to say this.  I am about to begin my dream job.  As IT/Media Director I will be in charge of everything from the church website, to the volunteers running sound and lights.  The part of the job I’m looking forward to the most is creating all of the graphics for the publications and sermon series’.  I can’t begin to express the joy and excitement I get out of being able to use creativity in my job.

This book was released the day I turned in my 2 weeks' notice. Jon Acuff always knows just what to say!

So, I sit here typing this post in anticipation of my new job.  Tomorrow is my last day working in the medical field and I couldn’t be more sure of my decision to quit.**

So what’s the purpose of this blog?  Unlike all of my other blogs, tumblrs and twitters I’ve created***, I fully intend on using this one.  To post what I’m doing, what I’ve learned and also share things that I’ve found online.  I also would hope to eventually be able to bounce ideas off of readers who are familiar with any or all facets of “media”.

So thank you for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment!

*For $25 an hour, you’d be a clown too!

**By the way, quiting is a great way to get free food!  Everybody wants to take you out to lunch!

***I guesstimate that there are about 20 of them.

From Medicine To Ministry

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